Firstly we would have a meeting with you, if you are happy for us to do your photographs, Darren and I will go and check out the venue so we are familiar with it before the actual wedding day.

We are happy to travel further than just Southern England.  We were lucky enough to be part of a wedding in Spain this year. 

We try to come up with some imaginative shots as well as the formal photos.  We will keep the wedding as traditional as  the clients' wish and if the clients are up for some more imaginative photos we are more than happy for the clients to make suggestions.  At the end of the day it’s their big day!    

Some examples of my work

  • The Wedding of Harriet and Paul

    Well, this particular wedding was rather meaningful to me.  The bride to be was an old school friend who I hadn’t seen for about 15 years.  When we met up for the pre-wedding meeting it was as if we had only seen each other last week.  It was lovely to see her again and to meet her wonderful husband to be – we met up in Devizes very close to where the church was, wow, and what a church it is.  It was spectacular and had a huge amount of space for us to take photographs throughout the service. 

  • The Wedding of Mara and Rob

    This beautiful wedding was held in Seville, Spain.  The location was stunning, infact probably the best venue I have ever been to for a wedding.  Mara looked amazing in her wedding dress which had a mixture of tradtitional Spanish and English.  The Ceremony was held in a very large hall with some spectacular paintings on the walls along with some very decorative furniture.


  • The Wedding of Andrea and John

    Andrea and Johns wedding was stunning.  They were a beautiful couple who were a joy to work with.  The wedding was held at The Millhouse in Swallowfield near Reading.  We got there a couple of hours before the ceremony began and took some natural photographs of people arriving and the ushers attempting to tie their Cravats, we also captured some nervous moments from the Groom which were priceless!

  • The Wedding of Cathy and Chris

    This wedding was a quiet affair.  It was in December 2010 and as most will know this was when there was snow everywhere.  We went to the venue before the wedding which was at Newbury Registry Office.  It was an old and beautiful building with some lovely grounds.

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