• Weddings

    When it comes to weddings there are so many choices and clients like to personalise their wedding day.  We try to suit each person's needs and the best way of doing it is by seeing what the clients would like on the wedding day.  We can come and take photographs of the bride getting ready or we can just meet you at the wedding venue and then on to the reception for the formal photos. We can stay until after the speeches, cake cutting and first dance (the later photos can be the best guest photos because by then they are relaxed. We are flexible and will do our best to accommodate all your wedding photography needs.

  • Portraits

    With portrait photography the most important part is to capture, not only the client, but the character, personality and even the mood of the client in the portrait photograph.  This doesn’t just have to be babies, children, family or individuals it can be with pets like dogs or cats and even horses.  We can accommodate your pets and also come to you if it is easiest.

  • Family Portraits

    With family portrait photography the most important part is to capture not only the family but the character, personality and even the mood of both the children and the parents.  These photo shoots can be quite testing for the parents as they are under a lot of pressure.  What we try to do is make the situation easier by not putting a time limit on the photo shoot and help out the best we can.  There are plenty of things to keep the children entertained and the garden is ideal for the children to run off some of that excess energy!

  • Newborn

    Newborn Photography is an absolute privilege.  To be part of such a young baby’s first photo shoot is amazing.  Ideally these shots should be taken within the first 14 days (28 days maximum) to get the full effect of how tiny the baby is.  The other reason is because beyond that age the ability to put themselves in their natural foetal position becomes very difficult for the baby.  You, as the parents, should give plenty of time for the baby’s photo shoot as our time has to go around the baby’s time.  Feed time and sleep time for a baby so young is detrimental.

  • Maternity

    With maternity photo shoots it is very important to keep everything natural.  Being pregnant is a huge part of the mother and fathers’ life and one that most would like to share with the children once they are older.  We are happy to do the photo shoot at your own house or we can do it in our studio.  We are also open to your suggestions and input. Taking that natural beauty of a woman who is ready to bring new life into the world is simply breathtaking. 

  • Theatre

    Theatre is a form of entertainment in which a story, theme, or sensation is expressed through a combination of acting, song, sounds, movement, dance, and physical objects, and is almost always intended to be performed before a live audience. Being a member of Newbury Operatic Society has given me a huge insight into how productions are put together from the beginning up until they are ready for the finale. 

  • Animal Portraits

    Being an animal lover myself this particular area of photography comes very easily.  My husband and I have two dogs and I have my own horse and they have helped me out by patiently modeling for me along with the other dogs and horses in the family, oh, and our very old sheep Mabel!  Being an animal owner I know how difficult it can be to take your animals somewhere else for photos as it can be unsettling for them and in some cases you may not get the pictures you want due to the animals’ distress so we are more than happy to travel to you. 

  • Sports

    With Sport Photography we work with the clients or event organisers and discuss the images they require and how they want to use them.  We will carry out research and preparation for the photo shoot and will suit all your needs where possible.  We are happy to work in different locations, and in different circumstances to get the right image.  This can be onsite events as well whether it’s equine events, track sports, sports days, water sports or even golf.